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eSport – what and where?

If you’re new to the whole concept of eSport but want to get your feet wet then there’s a few things to keep in mind if you’re not used to competitive gaming or gaming at all.
Some games are harder to follow for players who have no experience with the specific game. This article only mention team based eSports as they tend to be more entertaining for viewers who are either new to the games or the scene of competitive gaming.

If you already know what games you’d like to watch but don’t know when there’s some good games going on or where to find the streams, then have a look at this nifty calendar at Abios – you might just find what you seek. Otherwise just got to Twitch and knock yourself out. Continue reading eSport – what and where?


Rocket League Finals

A few hours after the RLCS finals I was still very excited about the level of the entire event. I wanted to let the people behind the event know how I felt. But I also wanted to spread the word and ideas to the community as a whole.
These two combined made me create this site. To share my views on eSport and gaming.
So welcome to the SaltyGamer.

The event that changed eSport
The last two days the first ever Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) had it’s finals – and I for one want more asap! It may have been close to 8 hours since the final ended but I’m pumped. 

Eight teams were in the arena fighting for the right to call themselves champions of the 3v3 format. To make it a good fight between continents (gamers like that!) there was four teams fron the NA region and four from the EU region. Before you rage because of the lacking Asian teams I can asure you they’re all busy playing SC2 or LoL – so no worries. This whole sport genre is not too much in their taste as it is. Continue reading Rocket League Finals