So you wanted to know more about SaltyGamer did you?
Long time gamer (since early 1980’s) on both computer and console.

Had a short spree of competetive gaming in the late 1990’s and early/mid 2000’s (mainly LAN based but also a bit online in FPS games).

Been following eSport / competetive gaming  since the mid/late 1990’s. At first it was only FPS (Quake III Arena / Unreal Tournament) but it evolved.
Today I mainly follow World of Tanks, League of Legends, CS:GO and Rocket League but in general love eSport and try to follow the biggest events as a minimum. Main focus is the EU scene… as that’s where I live and I do like to get some sleep every now and then.

Huge fan of sports – with or without the ‘e’. Trying to do my best to promote and inform people about this ‘new thing’ they don’t seem to understand.

Why this site?
A few hours after the Rocket League (RLCS 2016) finals I was still very excited about the level of the entire event. I wanted to let the people behind the event know how I felt. But I also wanted to spread the word and ideas to the gaming community as a whole.
These two combined made me create this site. To share my views on eSport and gaming.

My main goal is to give something back to the eSport scene and inform as many people as possible about the explosive industry that finally caught on as a household thing over the past few years.


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