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eSport Potential: Paragon

The eSport Potential is a series of articles where I try to look at games I see a potential in as an eSport. It can be old games as well as new or upcoming games. The thing that tie them together is that I feel they have the potential to be great for players and viewers on the competitive scene.

First impressions
MOBA games have been arround for some time and many have come and gone in the competitive scene. Right now LoL and Dota2 are the dominating games from that genre and they don’t leave much space for other MOBA games.
But that memo didn’t reach the studio Epic Games when they announced their next-generation take on the MOBA genre; Paragon.

At first glance you will be blown away by the graphics of the game. It’s beautiful beyond any other MOBA. But as we all know graphics isn’t everything (I’m looking at you MineCraft!). What is the driving factor that could make this game a potential game in eSports?

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