Exile: the ultimate Arma 3 mod

Info: I’ve only played Arma 3’s original content for a very short time. I actually got it just to play the Exile mod. So if some of my excitement about Exile might be the same in the base game by now don’t pay too much attention to my bias towards the mod over the original. Also the information given is based on the servers I’ve played on so some things might not apply to all servers. There’s many servers but not many that has the same setup of Exile and extension mods.
– at the time I’m writing this I have close to 170 hours played in Exile.

If you like survival games where it’s you against the content, then you’ve come to the right place. Excile will give you just that and way more.

It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE.
– taken from the Exile Beginners/Veteran Guide

With this in mind the player is kicked out of a plane in the standard orange prison suit. Only thing you’ve got is a bottle of water… and your parachute to ensure your survival till you hit the ground.
You’re in Exile
Everything you need to survive can be found in the many buildings around the map. Depending on the map you’ll find towns in different sizes that offer the kind of loot you strive for – food, drinks, clothes and not least weapons!
In the world of Exile you’re the target and no one can be trusted. Be it roaming AI patrols, other players or just the environment. You always have something to look out for – at least hunger and thirst as a basic task.

At first you’ll have to roam the vast map to find loot. Maybe you’ll find a car you can use to bring more items with you. Just remember to get a lock for it as other players can/will loot an unlocked car and kill anyone trying to stop them.
In time you’ll have the money and equipment to build your own base or hut if you will. You might start out with just a small place to have a stash for the items you find and want to keep.
Life in Exile
Like I mentioned in the beginning there’s no shortage of servers running Exile. The issue is what they combine it with. Some run a zombie mod, where you try to survive in a DayZ-like world. Others stay true to the elements of Exile and only add more cars, helicopters, stronger AI or other mods that prolong the joy of Exile as it will at some point turn into a grind one way or another.

Something that kill the joy of Exile are servers that give you too much when you start. Be it spawning with weapons or having some amount (I’ve seen from 5k-250k) pop tabs on your account from the start. Also a very populated server (relative term in Exile but I’d say 10+ players) tend to have some players who see it as their mission to kill newer players with no gear to fight back. They simply camp spawn areas as they’re set from the start.

With or without other players who gank newcommers you’ll face your death more than you’d like. Missions on some servers are rather hard and might need more players to have a chance to complete with your life intact.
Also when you get hit you’re really hit. You don’t survive a burst of fire as in the silly Counter-Strike series … here you die. You die and you go to hell. The typical CS:GO player will last about 30 seconds in Exile. Here you think before you move – you can’t react to the situations and come out on top. Not even against AI forces.

If you’re like me you’ll feel it’s very intense in Exile. You never know when a fight is about to go down. You might have gone into a house for loot and never even had a chance to spot the sniper who’s 1500 meters away… but they saw you go into the house and you have to come out again.
With a bad heart or prone to rage then maybe Exile isn’t really for you. The mentality is a lot like in EVE Online – the mothership of all rage.

By far the best survival game I’ve played. But keep in mind you need Arma 3 in order to play Exile.


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