World of Tanks – WGL EU

While my piece on Rocket League kicked off this site I felt I’d do short pieces on some of the other eSports I watch on a regular basis. As a minimum the eSports covered in the short series will be World of Tanks, League of Legends and CS:GO.

Roll out
So the tanks are back in action. Personally World of Tanks is one of my favorite games to both play and watch so I’ve been waiting for what seem like an eternity for them to return in WGL this summer.

I’ll be honest and say I had some issues with the previous setup used in WGL (I mainly watch the EU scene). The hosts got on my nerves the past few seasons so I see a great improvement in having Jordy “Dakillzor” Versmesse take over the studio. I find it hard to believe there’s a single person on this planet that know more about this game than him. And as a player in FAME he can back up every word on the battlefield. Superb asset for the community, game and Wargaming.

The production value of the show has gone down however. It’s at the level of Wayne’s World where it looks like two people doing the show from a basement. Poor lighting and where the f**k is Melek ‘m3lly’ Balgün?!

Tankers need ‘m3lly’ – who was a super adition to the otherwise at times stat heavy analysis of the games played. She was the person who brought the audience to the studio and kept an eye on the community via Facebook and Twitter. A thing I simply don’t understand they’d ever remove.

To put it very short – she made the show ‘interactive’… now you’re just watching some games. No “tweet us your thoughts” or what ever. It’s become a dead show that reminds me of how I felt watching the evening news when I was 6 years old. Need some Daki-salt to make up for it.

Then there’s ‘Mojo’ who looks like a guy who’s 6 feet of rope from hanging himself. Give the guy some Prozac please.

While the quality of the production is at a low I still have some hopes for it to improve over the season and then hopefully get back to it’s own self before the finals.

NOTE: Sadly it seems EU are at the higher end of the production this year…


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